Cartouche Air Force @ Tailwheelmeet 2019

Cartouche Air Force @ Tailwheelmeet 2019

Members of Cartouche Air Force attended the Tailwheelmeet at Overbloelare, Belgium. We were present with eight members. This event took place 3th and 4th august of 2019.

About the Tailwheelmeet:

This year’s edition is dedicated to female pilots, the so called Aviatrixes. During this edition (and the months preciding Tailwheel Meet) we want to promote the future of women in aviation by sharing experiences and paving the way to become aviators or whatever role they want to play in aviation. Tailwheel Meet 2019 is patronized by Valรฉrie ‘Lady Bush Pilot’ Dereymaeker who took off in September 2017 for an inspiring trip to South Africa in her Piper Super Cub. If everything goes according to plan she’ll put her wheels back on Belgian soil somewhere in April or May.

The emphasize the importance of Aviatrix 2019 even more, we have entered into a partnership with a local secondary school to bring aviation to girls between 16 and 18 years old. Some theoretical lessons (aerodynamics) combined with a visit to our airfield and a video competition should allow us to choose 10 female candidates to whom we offer an Aviatrix 2019 VIP weekend, during Tailwheel Meet 2019, which will allow the girls to get in touch with (female) pilots and discover different aviation disciplines (e.g. Gliding, vintage aircraft, helicopter, hot air balloon etc)

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