So you are interested to join the Cartouche Air Force squadron… Great, let the journey begin!


To start with you journey, there are several requirements that apply:

  • Be introduced by a Cartouche Air Force board member. (You received an invitation that lead to this page, so consider this as completed.)
  • Approval of the Cartouche Air Force board to apply as a member. (You received an invitation that lead to this page, so consider this as completed.)
  • Receive the formal invitation. (landing on this page is the start of your journey)
  • Accomplish your mission…


Cartouche Air Force were approached by one of the allies to execute a mission using our reconnaissance expertise to collect intelligence of targets that the allied forces are interested in. It’s crucial that these targets are identified for them to take appropriate actions.

For your first mission, you’ll have to complete tasks that will make you part of the wonderful world of aviation as a Cartouche! During the course of the mission, you can address one of the Cartouche members for further information.


There are several assets that would help you in your mission.

  • Airplane: Bring your own airplane (preference for vintage airplanes eg. SV4, Piper Cub, …)
  • Crew: 1 pilot, max. 1 navigator (all crew need to to apply for membership)
  • Skydemon: You need to log your flight for evaluation
  • Radio: 123.450MHz will be used as a stand-by frequency for mission command communication
  • Dresscode: Flight suit is obligatory


Task 1 – Attend the briefing
The briefing will be held at Antwerp Airport on the North side in the Cartouche hangar (RAR). If you are stationed on the South side, it’s easier to taxi your flying machine to the North side and park it during the course of the briefing. Fellow aviators will await your arrival at the Cartouche hangar.

Task 2 – Prepare for take-off
We’ll be organizing the take-off in sequence as discussed during the briefing. Any deviation of the briefing (other than safety improving actions) will result in remarks and will be discussed during your evaluation at the end of the mission.

Task 3 – Collect intelligence
As discussed during the briefing, your package contains the coordinates of several targets. It’s of the utmost importance that you collect as much photographic intelligence as possible of these targets. These photographs will allow a clear identification of the targets, that will enable you to answer questions accordingly after your flight.

Task 4 – Divert to allied airfield
During the flight, mission command will instruct you to divert to the allied airfield for delivery of the collected intelligence. You’ll be required to land your airplane, where an allied officer will await you on the ramp.

Task 5 – Deliver acquired intelligence
After landing, the allied officer will invite you to handover the intelligence. Remember, this information is classified “top secret” and can’t be discussed with any of the other participating aircraft during the mission.

Task 6 – Debriefing and evaluation
The allied officers will invite you after landing to present your findings and to answer any of their questions.

Task 7 – Earn your badge
When the allied officers are satisfied with the delivered goods, you will earn your mission badge. From that moment on, you are officially a member of Cartouche Air Force.

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